We Made It: Designing DVD Covers

Starting out as a publisher of laser discs in 1984, Manhattan's Criterion Collection has become America’s most famous independent publisher of DVDs and Blu-ray discs. A key factor in its success is the graphic range of the discs’ exquisitely designed covers. Each is conceived and rendered to capture the essence of a film or to propose a critical re-evaluation through the tweaking or embellishing of a well-known image, as in the cases of Belle du Jour, The Night Porter and A Man Escaped. Classic images from A Canterbury Tale and Eraserhead were painted to cast the films in a subtle new light. The Brando vehicle The Fugitive Kind was given the pulp-fiction spin, Fantastic Mr Fox the Last Supper treatment. Find out how this unique approach came about - and browse a great gallery of designs - in an interview with Criterion's artistic director Eric Skillman over on theartsdesk.com.

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