Valentine's Spirit

The 2007 harvest in general has produced better results in terms of yields off the field and yields of alcohol per tonne. And in terms of quality.

We are currently distilling our annual supply of organically grown barleys. Of the six Scottish farms located on the east coast that grow organically for us, Culmore is a regular success.

The spirit from this barley came through yesterday, Valentine’s Day, and is of an exceptional quality. The guys are very impressed with this ‘fancy’ spirit; Jim is extremely enthusiastic about it, and considers it to be the very best produced here.

Incidentally, the spirit from the Bere grown on Islay (despite the rough and weedy appearance of the grain) is distinctly different to the Bere grown on Orkney. It seems more flavoursome, aromatic and fruity.

It always amuses me when you see distillers blankly claiming there are no annual variations or vintage differences. Total poppycock.

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