Transparency. We support Compass Box

We fully support the campaign by Compass Box that is aimed at allowing Scotch whisky companies to reveal more about what is in their bottles.  As their whiskymaker John Glaser says: “Scotch whisky is one of the few products where it is prohibited by law to be fully open with consumers. This is an issue that… limits the ability of the producer to share pertinent information with their customers."
He continues: “We believe the current regulations should change. That Scotch whisky producers should have the freedom to offer their customers complete, unbiased and clear information on the age of every component used in their whiskies. That those customers have the right to know exactly what it is they’re drinking.”
We agree.  If you do too, please register your support for John Glaser and the team at Compass Box here.  We have.

We will also support their campaign in a practical sense.  We believe that our customers should be able to find out the age, provenance and proportions by volume of all the casks that make up the different vattings of The Classic Laddie, bottles of which do not carry an age statement.
The age and origin of all the various casks used in every vatting to date and every future vatting, will be published as a menu on
During April 2016 we will provide a new field on The Classic Laddie product page of our website.  Every bottle we have ever produced carries a simple batch code.  If you enter this code into the field it will list the component casks. 
Every vatting of The Classic Laddie has been created using a different suite of casks and therefore every batch code will give different results. We celebrate natural whisky and variety.

Dave Broom, Becky Paskin and Richard Woodard of had this to say on the importance of this issue for NAS (no age statement) whiskies:
“Our opinion is that having the option to be completely transparent and precise about the composition of these whiskies – including the age of the components and their relative proportions in the final product – would assist greatly in explaining the rationale behind their emergence and creation.” We agree.

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