The Scots & Renegade Rum

Two rums on offer are from distilleries that were originally developed by Scots.  In 1790, it was believed that a third of all Europeans in the Caribbean - 6,000 people -  were Scots.

Westerhall was named  in 1766 after the family estate near Dumfries in the Borders when it was bought by Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Johnstone, son of  the 3rd baronet of Westerhall.  And Hampden, as the name suggests, was founded originally by Robert Stirling of Keir, near Dunblane, in 1753.

At the time there were 600 taverns on Jamaica. "Upon all the new settlements the Spanish do make, the first thing they do is build a church; the first thing the Dutch do upon a new colony is to build them a fort; but the first thing the British do, be it in the most remote parts of the world or amongst the most barbarous, is to set up a tavern or drinking house."  paraphrased from Captain Thomas Walduck's ship's log.

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