The 14th New Yorker Festival

The 14th annual New Yorker Festival – more than fifty events featuring an eclectic mix of art, literature, culture, science, music and politics - plus plenty that defies simplistic attempts at classification.  
Most of the events are sold out including  ‘High Spirits’ which will feature Simon Coughlin and Jim McEwan in conversation with Kelefah Sanneh who wrote a definitive account of Bruichladdich for the magazine that was published earlier this year.
Check out this link to a Time Out preview of the Festival.  Here is a program of events.
The New Yorker is a polymath American magazine published by Condé Nast 47 times a year.  It focuses on the cultural life of New York but has a wide audience outside of the city built on a reputation for quality journalism across a wide range of subjects.

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