Octomore 07.4 Virgin Oak - The Concept

Power, strength, resolution… Finesse, delicacy, elegance… Taut dynamism, poetry… Two powerful yet contrasting forces in equilibrium.

Like the Catenaccio Internazionale side of Armando Picchi (1960’s) against the total football Ajax of Johan Cruyff (1970’s), like the Rumble In The Jungle of “big” George Foreman – the man with the biggest punch in boxing – against the grace and intelligence of Muhammed Ali… But imagine these not as contests, a battle for supremacy, but instead a meeting of equals – a celebration of mutual respect, a remarkable gestalt of two towering superlatives.

This is Octomore 07.4 virgin oak.

Octomore 07.4

The Octomore story started back in 2002 as a late night dram conversation round the fire – “what if?”. What if we distilled the most heavily peated whisky on the planet? Not just more heavily peated than anything before, but a game-changer – a “one small step for man” of peat? What would the combination of high-provenance super heavily peated barley and our patient, painstaking trickle distillation produce - (a hand made craft of distilling our Victorian predecessors would recognise)? What would be the outcome of this extraordinary marriage? The result is now legend – the exceptional Octomore.

So far so crazy... But then we just couldn’t leave well enough alone – the die was cast.
Octomore began as a “Skunk Works” project and has continued in that spirit. We put it into casks from Chateau Le Pin; the result was the out-of-this-world Octomore Orpheus (single malt of the year 2010, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible). We created a small batch in Chateau Y'quem casks; this became the now legendary Octomore Comus.

Where could we possibly go from there?

In 2008 we quietly laid down another “what if?” project in the far corner of our 1845 Port Charlotte warehouses. What if we put the 167ppm Octomore spirit into virgin oak casks?
What would the combination of the towering four-square smoke-rich spirit of Octomore and the sweet, honeyed vanilla of new Allier oak produce?


Virgin Oak Casks


For 7 years our head distiller Adam Hannett has carefully watched the evolution of this alluring match; and only now has he chosen to share the extraordinarily complex spirit with us – this Octomore now comes out of the dark and into the light.

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