Lycee Jules-Ferry

We were delighted to host students from the 'Lycée Jules-Ferry', a public
secondary and higher education school located in the 9th arrondissement of
Paris today. Bruichladdich Master Distiller Jim McEwan enjoyed a lively
session with the young academics during which he was asked a wide range of
questions about how distilling impacts on life on Islay including: what are
the benefits that the distilleries bring to the island? What is their
impact on the local economy? What opportunities do the distilleries offer
young people who wish to stay and work here?

The youngsters were particularly interested in the close working
relationship that Bruichladdich has developed with local farmers. Farms are
central to the day to day life at Bruichladdich, both because they grow
barley for us, and because their cattle eat the draff, a hi-protein
bi-product of whisky making that is a valuable feedstuff.
The students were also interested in how the purchase of Bruichladdich by
the French premium spirits company Remy Cointreau had affected life here,
and Jim spoke of how Remy are determined to retain the independent ethos of
the distillery, and nurture the passion of the people. It was apparent from
the quality of the questioning that a great deal of homework had been done
in preparing for this session, with other subjects including the very low
crime rates on Islay, and alcoholism.
Jim spoke afterwards of what had evidently been a fascinating and
challenging encounter - thanked everyone for coming and wished them all
every success with their studies.

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