Launch of Octomore 7.2

Two masterclasses to be held by Joanne Brown on Viking Line cruises across the Baltic Sea will see the launch of Octomore 7.2, the latest expression of the cult single malt.

Octomore whiskies are in a category of their own.  Super-heavily peated, they are released in numbered series, each bottling unique, finite.

7.2 is a limited edition cuvee created by Bruichladdich master distiller Jim McEwan.  Jim has married American oak casks with casks that once held Syrah created in the great vineyards of the Rhone valley in France.

Full details of Octomore 7.2 can be found here.

Joanne was born and raised in Port Charlotte on Islay.  Her uncle, James Brown, farms at Octomore, high above the village, once the site of a small farm distillery during the early years of the nineteenth century.


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