It is a Question of Timing #LengthOfBritain

For Jersey based British yachtsman Phil Sharp who is making final preparations to set off into the hostile December winds and seas to set the first benchmark record for sailing from Land’s End to John O’Groats, from one end of Britain to the other, making a judgment call when to set off from Land’s End will be the key to success.
There is a great deal of wind forecast for this weekend – gusts of up to 71 mph are predicted for Islay.  The yacht will pass us on the island and she heads north for the Minches and beyond.
“As it stands we look to have a reasonable window for a Monday start or early Tuesday. What we want is to be able to ride a low pressure system for as long as possible, downwind in SW’ly winds and not have a low go over us during the passage.
“If we get it right we should see waves of five metre, max. If we get it wrong then the prediction is for more than 10 metres and that becomes really difficult.
“Leaving Tuesday morning should see us arrive John O’Groats on Thursday during daylight hours which would be fine.”

You can follow the yacht's progress via this on-line Tracker.

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