Iqi Qoror and Black Art in Singapore

Black Art 4 has inspired some directional new work from the artist Iqi Qoror in Singapore.

Originally from Indonesia, Iqi Qoror's art has always held an underlying layer of chic and mysteriousness with each piece evoking a different emotion.  Every collector takes away a different interpretation of his work making it possible to draw significant parallels with the whisky aficionado's appreciation of a fine Bruichladdich single malt.

The artist drew on the image and the philosophy behind the iconic Black Art bottle and its mysterious contents, and created several new works influenced by it.  Producer Bryan Gamboa then created an event to showcase the works that included a special Black Art soundtrack. The cross-disciplinary collaboration even extended to the catering, with Amici bringing the different worlds together for a night of culinary black magic.

The star-studded turnout at the Art Front Gallery in Singapore included personalities from the world of art, fashion, entertainment, theatre and film, including radio celebrities Yasminne Cheng and Tim Oh, actors Tan Shou Chen and Alex lim, film director AD Chan, rock star Jonathan Leong, fashion designer Chong Han San and men's folio cover models Ian Luah and Theck Ann.

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