Bruichladdich Woodcuts on Show at Royal Scottish Academy

Our printmaker friend, Jono Lloyd, has had his print of the mashtun at Bruichladdich accepted for the summer exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy of Art. It's one of a sequence of four pieces so far that have come out of his short residency at the distillery last year. He says he would love to be a fly on the wall when people are looking at his work, "Who wouldn't?" although notes that open-submission exhibitions like at the RSA "can be a brutal environment to show pictures." 

Jono's prints are created from hand-carved woodcuts in a vintage manual press, one press per colour. Here you can see the woodcuts needed to build up the layers of colour and shape in the final print of the mashtun.

wood blocks ready for the press at Jono Lloyds studio

"The Mashtun", like all his works, went through several iterations with different colour combinations before he arrived at the final version. Jono says, "I hear many printmakers talking about the exhilaration of peeling back the first proofs, but for me it's almost always a let down, because there are variables still to sort out: the right paper, density of ink, colours to tweak. All these things make a difference between success and failure." 

jono lloyds the mashtun previous colour schemes

Another of his works in the Bruichladdich series, "Gristhopper and Mashtun" has been selected for the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair in October. And tonight, a new exhibition of his work will preview at The Old School Gallery, Alnmouth, Northumberland. It's been interesting to have Jono share his process with us, and we're proud that he'll be taking his interpretations of Bruichladdich to new eyes over the Autumn. We wish him more good luck and further success! 

You can see some of Jonathan's Bruichladdich woodcuts on display in the Laddieshop on Islay. Or follow @jono.lloyd on instagram

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