"Black Art" win the 2017 Beach Rugby tournament

Bruichladdich "Black Art" won the 2017 Beach Rugby tournament held Saturday June 10th on the sands of Port Ellen. This was, believe it or not, the first time that a Bruichladdich sponsored team had emerged victorious in this notoriously tough competition - so huge congratulations to them.
The boys were brought together by ex-Bruichladdie man Angus MacFarlane who brought a group of his fine friends from the Marr RFC, Troon.  Five of the guys had played in Bruichladdich colours for the past two years. They were proudly wearing "Black Art" kit designed for the occasion.
The rules allow for ten players per team, with rolling substitutions.  The Laddies deployed a slightly unusual strategy that works well with a “5 on and 5 off” - the manager swapping all 5 players every 2 minutes to keep the boys fresh.
Full contact beach rugby is an energy sapping experience.  It is seriously hard work.
Angus Johnstone captained one group of five with Angus Macfarlane captaining the second.  Amazing to think that Angus is actually still only19, despite this being his 4th Islay tournament and his 3rd appearance for Bruichladdich. The man is something of a “veteran”. Many thanks to him...
Team Manager - Gregor Ness
Players: Angus MacFarlane, Scott Bickerstaff, Conor Bickerstaff, Ollie Rossi, Dan Law, Colin Sturgeon, Fraser Grant, Gus Johnston, Ben Johnston, Will Farquhar
Bruichladdich won their group to advance to the Cup Semi where they beat Hillhead 8-2 . In the final they played against  a 'very physical' Oban team winning 9-2.
With thanks to Rod Macfarlane for content, text and photo.

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