Allan Logan Whisky Wire Interview

The latest 'Whisky Insiders Interview' on features Allan Logan who became distillery manager at Bruichladdich when just 28 years old.  Allan talks about the long association of his family with distilling on Islay and also runs through a few of his favourite whiskies.
The Whisky Wire is one of the most respected of the new generation of whisky news sites to establish itself in the blogosphere.  Run by Steve Rush, the style is extremely informal, even irreverent, but sites like The Whisky Wire have become central to the dissemination of the nothing less than phenomenal amounts of information that is now put out by the burgeoning spirits world.  
One of the most successful aspects of the site has been the pioneering "Twitter Tastings" in which whisky enthusiasts who have successfully applied to join an on-line panel receive samples.  These are then opened simultaneously and requentially, and discussed on Twitter.  This is all great fun, and has proved so popular that Twittertastings regularly trend very highly in national statistics published by the microblogging site.

Our picture shows Allan with a sample of new make Bere spirit.  This ancient heritage variety of barley presents the whisky distiller with a particular set of challenges.

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