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We believe that whisky should be reminiscent of place, speak of the land and people from whence it came, containing the soul of the men who made it, the colour of the oak from the casks where it lay and reflect the terroir of the land it grew upon.

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Our Uber Provenance range of single malts reconnects the spirit with the land, from the farmers who grow the barley for us to the warehousemen who fill and move our casks.

For the first time since the Second World War we asked farmers to grow barley here on Islay so that we could make a spirit, a whisky that truly speaks of Islay, of this unique and ancient Hebridean island.

Our single malt whisky, where possible is distilled from this Islay barley, some of which has been so spectacular we have bottled it on a single farm and even a single field basis. Of our spirits, it is perhaps this Islay Barley range of which we are most proud.

Where we do not use local barley, we use organic barley. We buy from farms and farmers we know, not on the open market. We value barley grown the old fashioned way to reflect the quality of spirits from yesteryear and encompass the skill it takes to naturally farm this most important crop.

We are one of the few distilleries to make organic whisky and the first distillery to use biodynamic barley in our whisky production.

We believe in natural whisky. We believe that nothing unnatural should be added to our Scotch whisky and nothing natural should be removed.

We never add spirit caramel, and never chill-filter our Islay single malts.

Islay grown, Islay distilled and Islay matured.

Land and dram united once again.