We Made It: 'The Revenant' Production Designer Jack Fisk

by theartsdesk on 7th February 2016 in "We Made It"

The Revenant's production designer Jack Fisk wasn’t required to build multiple sets for Alejandro González Iñárritu’s 1823 wilderness epic....

New Laddie Giftboxes available

by Jane Carswell on 5th February 2016 in Talking Whisky, Other stuff

The presence of presents; the Laddie shop, and other similarly distinguished retail outlets such as Fortnum and Masons, in London's Piccadilly, and Ha...

Sweden Visit Plain Sailing For Raymond

by John McCallum on 4th February 2016 in Our People, The Distillery

Raymond Tibbs has worked at Bruichladdich for almost five years, guiding tours for holidaying families and aficionados alike, and helping run the dist...

Octomore 07.4 Virgin Oak - The Concept

by Anonymous (not verified) on 21st January 2016 in Talking Whisky

Power, strength, resolution… Finesse, delicacy, elegance… Taut dynamism, poetry… Two powerful yet contrasting forces in equilibrium. ...

New Octomore 07.4 Released

by Jane Carswell on 18th January 2016 in Talking Whisky

We continue with our mission to craft the world's most thought-provoking whiskies....

We Made It: Double Bass Maker Laurence Dixon

by theartsdesk on 10th January 2016

Double bass maker Laurence Dixon has solid oak floors in his new shop-front in Herne Hill, south London....

Tasting at "Bread and Flowers" - Salisbury

by Carl Reavey on 7th January 2016 in Our People, Talking Whisky

We are collaborating with chef Martin Simcock on a stimulating gastronomic ...

Jim McEwan tasting in Glasgow

by Carl Reavey on 6th January 2016 in Our People

Our friend Fraser Shaw was a sublimely gifted musician from Bruichladdich who passed away in May 2015 after losing his battle with an aggressive varia...

Does it matter where whisky is matured?

by Bruichladdich D... on 30th December 2015 in Place, Talking Whisky

All our whisky is Islay matured, the majority kept at Bruichladdich itself, or in...

Thanks Laddies...

by Carl Reavey on 21st December 2015 in Our People, Other stuff

Dear all,...

We Made It: The Electric Recording Company

by theartsdesk on 20th December 2015

Always desperately seeking the next profit-boosting lifeline, the record industry is getting all worked up about the "vinyl revival"....

Conversations With The Crew #LengthofBritain

by Jane Carswell on 13th December 2015 in Other stuff

Listen in to conversations between us on Islay and the crew on board the 'E...

We Made It: Watchmaker Roger W. Smith

by theartsdesk on 12th December 2015 in "We Made It"

If there’s one thing the Swiss do better than chocolate and don’t-ask-don’t-tell banking, it’s watches. They’re world leaders and they know ...

Send us a picture of your epic journeys

by Carl Reavey on 11th December 2015 in Our People, Other stuff

We are celebrating the epic journey of yachtsman Phil Sharp and his crew as they attempt to set a n...

New Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2009 Released

by Carl Reavey on 8th December 2015 in Talking Whisky

The latest edition in our Bruichladdich Islay Barley seri...

Laddieshop Festive Schedule

by Carl Reavey on 8th December 2015 in The Distillery

Looking forward to the fesivities during Christmas and the New Year.  ...

Weather Delay to #LengthOfBritain

by Carl Reavey on 7th December 2015 in Other stuff

Skipper Phil Sharp has moved the Class 40 yacht to Falmouth from Gosport in readyness for his attem...

It is a Question of Timing #LengthOfBritain

by Carl Reavey on 5th December 2015 in Other stuff

For Jersey based British yachtsman Phil Sharp who is making final preparations to set off into the ...

Phil Sharp and Sean Conway #LengthOfBritain

#LengthOfBritain - Tracking "End To End" Live

by Lynton Davidson on 4th December 2015 in Other stuff

We will be tracking the progress of Phil Sharp and Sean Conway...

The 'End to End' route

by Carl Reavey on 3rd December 2015 in Other stuff

Skipper Phil Sharp of PSRacing has given us a rough plot of the course he intends to sail during hi...

The Adventurer - Sean "The Beard" Conway

by Carl Reavey on 3rd December 2015 in Our People, Other stuff

The departure date for Phil Sharp's attempt to benchmark a new record for sailing from Lands End to John O'Groat's draws ever nearer. ...

YouTube In Germany: Some Things Are Beyond Our Control

by John McCallum on 2nd December 2015 in The Distillery, Talking Whisky

Our #LaddieMP3 tasting, led by head distiller Adam Hannett last Thursday, received hugely positive feedback for its originality and conversational sty...

Bruichladdich support Phil Sharp Racing in new 'End to End' record attempt

by Carl Reavey on 30th November 2015 in Other stuff

We love inspirational people and projects and the very idea of entering the 2016 Vendée Globe in a zero emissions racing yacht truly floats our boat....

We Made It: Concert hall acoustics

by theartsdesk on 29th November 2015 in "We Made It"

Glasgow has a brand new concert hall, and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra has a brand new home....


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