Whatever happened to Links, Infinity, Waves and Peat?

Links, Infinity, Waves and Peat bottlings are being phased out and will be no longer available by 1st June at the very latest.


Links first appeared in 2003. These bottlings featured labels and tins of famous golf courses painted by Graham Baxter. Each release was limited to less than 18,000 numbered bottles primarily for collectors. There were eleven released: Augusta, St Andrews, Troon, Turnberry, Hoylake, K Club, Carnoustie, Torrey Pines, Birkdale, Valhalla, Vancouver Club. There were also two 500cl versions, Swilcan Bridge and Swilcan Burn.

Infinity was a multi-vintage bottling of older whiskies designed as a digestif - hence the name - which was indicative of the length of flavour. There were ultimately three distinct versions of Infinity with the third having a peat influence in the make-up.

Waves, a young version of Bruichladdich, was an accident. It started life destined exclusively for the Italian market, it was never intended as a strand alone bottling, and was ultimately incorporated in to the trilogy of bottlings along side Rocks (unpeated) and Peat (clearly peated) as a half-way house between the two.

Peat started out as 3D ‘The Peat Proposal’. This evolved in to 3D2 and 3D3 before being repackaged as Peat. It was a multi-vintage bottling featuring three spirits of different peat levels - Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore. A new Peat version will be reborn in May under the Port Charlotte brand.

All peated whisky distilled at Bruichladich will now come exclusively under either Port Charlotte or Octomore labels.

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